The Five Facets of Your Practice Profoundly Affected by New Technology

Technology has a profound impact on us as a society, which means it has an impact on all businesses– big and small. The revolution of technology from rotary telephones to cell phones changes the social as well as the business landscape. Just look at the new generation aptly named Millennials. If you’re a millennial, you understand this. If you’re not, I’d like to know what you think the term “Millennial” means and what it encompasses.


To me, Millennial suggests the age of growing technology. The cell phone isn’t just something cool and new and useful, anymore. It’s a way of life. All the new technology coming out is becoming thinner, sleeker, and more and more user-friendly. It has never been more easy to stream a TV show or download an application to your computer.


It is not hard to remember when it wasn’t an imperative part of life to have a working email or a Facebook account or a website. But we have come a long way since then and we have adapted to a lot of technological advances. At one point owning a cell phone meant that connecting with someone while on the go was a lot easier. Now, the cellphone has become an extension of the human body. We don’t leave home without it. We do everything with it– including watching movies, doing our banking and confirming appointments. Some businesses even use their cellphones to work remotely. The cell phone has now become a mini computer you can carry in your pocket, your constant access to the net with the help of Wifi, LTE, and 4G connections. Years ago, these words would have meant nothing; now they mean everything.
The fact of the matter is, technology is changing in ways that make it not just a useful tool but a recommended one. These aren’t “want to haves” anymore; they’re must-haves, especially in business. Basically, adopting new technology into your practice equals success. Just look at all the facets of your practice new technology affects on a daily basis.

1. Marketing

Social media has changed the face of marketing and has significantly extended your reach. The whole point of this kind of technology is to make forming connections with new clients easier, but there is still a lot of work to do in this arena. To really make social media work for you, you can’t just observe from a distance, you have to get involved by signing up for those networks that will most benefit your practice. Start looking at Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as significant points of interest.

2. Patient Education

The age of brochures on a spinning rack and fliers in the mail is over. The way to capture people’s attention now is by utilizing new technology to form a solid connection in order to entertain as well as educate. And there are a ton of ways to do this effectively– everything from creating a video on Youtube to developing a fun and educational blog with important tips you need your patients to know and use effectively.

3. Administrative duties

At one point, all administrative duties were performed on paper– paper charts, paper files, paper schedules. But new technology has changed all that by making it all digital thereby reducing paper waste and saving time by lessening the redundancy of those administrative tasks.

4. Communication

Communication will always be the crux of a successful practice, and new technology that somehow makes communicating with your patients faster and easier is definitely worth investing in. Happier more satisfied patients will become loyal patients and giving them alternative ways to contact you without calling and waiting in a queue or coming down to the office will add to your office’s attraction.

5. Customer service

Customer service is a lot more than just providing your patients with world-class oral treatment; it also encompasses all that you are willing to do to accommodate them and their busy lives. The introduction of new technologies has made it possible to connect with your patients from anywhere at any time. With practice management software you are able to schedule and confirm an appointment as well as send recall and appointment reminders that your patients can respond to even on the go. But technology has gone even further, providing your office with the opportunity to allow your patients to connect with you. Now your patients can request changes or confirm treatments, they can view their individual and family balances as well as fill in and update the medical questionnaire. All this and more without calling or emailing but simply by tapping an icon on their phone. The Patient App is the revolutionary way to exceed customer service expectations.


The world is changing and everyone along with it. If you haven’t thought seriously about upgrading and implementing new technology that can make your life and the lives of your team and patients easier, it is definitely time to start looking into it. Do your research and prepare to advance into the age of millennial thinking, because doing so will not only make your daily tasks easier but it will guarantee patient retention, patient loyalty and an uptick in new patients to your practice.

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