Determine Your It Factor and Become a Superstar in the Dental Community

If you’re asking the question of what is your It Factor, I’ve been there, and only if you’re exposed to shows like American Idol and The Voice does this hold any meaning for you. As a wannabe superstar, I learned exactly what this term meant for my career and what it potentially means for the success of all businesses.


In my late teens, I wanted to be a singer. I know, difficult business to break into, filled with disappointment and rejection blah blah blah, but I was sixteen and I was still young enough to dream big, so I did. The opportunity came when a well-known show arrived in town entitled, accurately enough, Popstars. If you aren’t familiar, Popstars was a lot like current shows, American Idol and The Voice. They go through a host of auditions, good and bad, to discover talent, showcase it to millions, and force it to compete with other talents to win the grand prize of becoming a superstar! Or in this case, a pop star.


The auditions came to my city in the summer and I was just so excited. I was going to be a superstar!

I could already hear the crowds roaring and shouting my name. It was a dream come true. Each audition required memorizing 30 seconds of a song picked from a chosen playlist, and then performing it in front of a panel of three judges while local TV news crews filmed from both sides of the stage. I was in line waiting for my turn and reading the handout one of the assistants had given us when I came upon a question I had never encountered before:

What is your It Factor?

At the time, I had no idea what they were asking. My It Factor? It made no sense. Wasn’t I just singing? Wasn’t I being judged on my voice? This was a singing competition after all.

The answer was, no, I wasn’t just singing, and no, I wasn’t just being judged on my voice even though, yes, it was a singing competition.

I learned that my It Factor was the one thing that made me unique in the eyes of the judges; it was what set me apart from all the rest; it was my identity, and it was this unique identity that would help me build my brand and sell myself to the voting audience.


That was what would have made me a superstar.


As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I didn’t win that singing competition. I’m not a superstar singer and I don’t have an album, but I do have a point– to be a superstar in any field, you need to determine what is your It Factor.  

In other words, what is the one thing that sets you apart from everyone else in your field? Ask yourself what exactly your practice offers that others don’t, or what you can offer patients that is heads and tails above the competition?

Some focus on pain-free dentistry, others focus on their unique technology advances, and some provide over the top customer service.

Once you know what sets you apart, utilize it as part of your marketing strategy. That is how you will build an effective brand for yourself.

Now that you know what having an It Factor essentially means to your practice and your brand, how do you gain superstar status and continue to maintain it?

Get to know your competition

In order to successfully establish your It Factor, you should research what your competition is offering. Remember that you are competing with practices that just might be offering something yours isn’t, or worse, they have come up with a solution that makes yours obsolete. The more you know about your competition, the more you will be able to come up with a unique and creative solution to a problem that no one else has thought of yet.

Always keep your website and social media updated

Updating your website and blog with new and fresh ideas is a good way to keep your existing patients coming back while, at the same time, generating interest with prospective patients.

But it’s also important to update your social media networks. Falling behind on any of this for too long will guarantee a drop in interest and an immediate in for your competition.

Be on the lookout for new and improved technology

Discovering and implementing the latest technology keeps your office in the twenty-first century, but it is important to make sure that the technology you introduce to your office will benefit you, your team and your patients.

New technology targeted specifically to your patients will most likely have a profoundly positive impact on your practice.

For example, by choosing a one-of-a-kind app that allows your patients to confirm scheduled appointments, view account balances, and contact or even locate your office– all just by tapping an icon on their phone– you are helping to strengthen the connection to your patients as well as the confidence of your brand.


Establishing your It Factor or your unique identity is a must in this competitive industry. It is imperative to get to know and keep tabs on your competition so as not to be blindsided by any decision they decide to make. By being unique in your message and your solutions, you generate interest and visibility. And if you’re wondering just how important it is to be unique, as stated in the Halton Business Blog,  “in this economy, it can be the difference between success and failure.” Discover who you are, market your unique qualities, and you will undoubtedly become the superstar all patients can and will rely on.


For more information, don’t hesitate to check out the links below, and ask yourself this question: what is your It Factor?

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